Robotic lawn mower buying guide

robotic lawn mower
Robotic lawn mower

Robotic lawn mowers are an ally for the effortless care of the lawn in our garden. These modern models of robotic lawnmower mow the grass directly while you can be relaxing reading a book, or even while you are away.

Taking care of the garden is a task that demands time and effort. Robotic mowers help us with that function and in this blog, you will find the information you need to know before you buy your robot lawn mower.

They are really easy to set, it’s amazing and incredible the capabilities of these lawnmowers. Their sensors will let it know where there are obstacles, whether permanent, such as a wall. Or temporary with someone walking nearby while the robot is mowing, the robot will execute an immediate stop to avoid them.

1. Robotic lawn mower Advantages

  • Robotic lawn mowers are a piece of innovation within garden machinery. The characteristics of these tools facilitate the maintenance of the lawn because they are completely autonomous.
  • These robots cut the lawn, avoiding the obstacles of the ground, and return alone to the load base. Furthermore, if you need to charge the battery in the middle of the task, it returns to the charging station and when the battery is full it returns to the point in the garden where it had stopped mowing.
Lawn garden grass
Job to do for the robotic lawnmower
  • They are programmable. The robot lawn mowers make it possible to decide which days and at what times you want to mow the grass. It allows you to set different calendars depending on the seasons of the year.
  • The display is very intuitive for easy programming of the mower.
  • The battery life of the robotic lawnmowers are very high. When the robot detects that the battery is about to run out, it automatically goes to the recharging base.
  • They have a low consumption.
  • Robot lawnmowers are very silent, compared to traditional lawnmowers.
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  • The ease of use allows you to mow the lawn more often which means more efficient maintenance of your garden’s lawn. There are several different cutting heights so that you can adjust it to the most suitable one at any given time.
  • These robotic mowers small size make it easy to store in small spaces.
  • They are safe. When the mower robot detects that the blade is lifted from the ground (when it is turned over, for example) it stops working for safety reasons. It also guarantees security against theft because it has an alarm system that is deactivated with a PIN code.
  • The robotic mowers are equipped with a ‘mulching’ system: the machine mulches the finely cut grass to be used as a natural fertiliser.
Garden robotic lawn mower
Perfect lawn

2. How to choose the perfect robotic mowers for your garden

The things you should consider when choosing a robotic lawn mower for your garden are:

The garden size to mower

The size of the surface to be worked on the garden. Robot lawn mowers are ideal for large areas (such as gardens of up to 1,000 m2). But also you could buy a smaller robotic lawn mower for small back gardens.

The mower cutting width

The cutting width of the mower, there are different blade widths. The wider the blade, the greater the cutting capacity in a single pass. It is essential to choose the cutting width according to the size of the surface to be worked on.

robotic lawn mower
Robotic lawnmower working

The motor power

The more power the motor has in watts, the more garden surface area the machine can cut without stopping. Normally the power is proportional to the cutting width, that is, the power increases as the width of the blade increases.

3. How is your garden?

The peculiarities of the terrain: whether it is flat or uneven. If it is irregular, the degree of inclination of the area. Each robot model specifies the slope on which it can work.

4. Robotic lawn mower maintenance advices

garden flower
Garden ready for the photo

Read the lawn mower’s instructions

Each robotic lawn mower allows a maximum recommended lawn height at which it can mow the lawn. If the lawn is higher than specified, it is recommended to use a conventional lawn mower first.

Mowing when the lawn is dry

It is recommended to mow the lawn when the grass is dry. Robot lawnmowers can mow the lawn when it rains, but there is a risk of fungus developing.

Don’t forget cleaning the mower

Clean the robotic lawnmower as many times is recommended by the manufacturer. Don’t forget that these are electrical devices with delicate circuits. They are ready to be outdoors in the garden but it’s good to take care of them, just a little πŸ˜‰

Change the mower blades please

Change the blades when indicated by the manufacturer: this may vary between once a year, coinciding with the start of the mowing season, or twice a year, depending on the model.

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5. Robot lawnmower installation, so simple

Where you should place the charging station

Setting the robot lawn mower charging station at the edge of the cutting area it’s the best idea. It must be placed in a level area, at ground level, and with a certain amount of free space (specified in each case by the manufacturer) on both sides of the charging station. This will be the place where the robot returns when the work is finished or when the battery is empty.

Mapping the garden area

All you have to do is place the perimeter cable at the edge of the lawn that you want to cut, buried up to 2 inch deep. This cable will allow the robot lawn mower to go round it the first time and make a map of the garden, which will be saved in its memory.

You must also delimit the areas that you want the robot to avoid, such as trees, ponds… If the garden changes surface area (because there is a bush or some obstacle is removed) or you move house, it can be reconfigured again, placing the perimeter cable according to the new design and allowing the robotic lawnmower to make a new “mapping”.

Setting up the robotic lawn mower

Initial start-up of the robot is easy. The first time you need to program the cutting plan, i.e. plan the days and hours of operation of the robot mower. The screen on which you must set up the robot is very intuitive.

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Starting a new project

We are working hard to bring you the best blog possible, with all the info you need to choose your robotic lawn mower. Hope you’ve found this post useful 😊 Please leave your comments down below:

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